So people email me and ask Todd....... so how do I pay for [insert item]. Well after a few emails I figured out that I owed it to all of you to provide some additional information. One of the ways Tew's Armory keeps prices down .... we don't do Credit Cards... not at the Gun Shows if we can help it and not online. I don't want to be the guy adding 3-4% for a credit card transaction after how hard we worked to try and keep our prices as low as possible. So when you complete a purchase on our website you should receieve an email with an invoice. I also receive and an email notifying me of the purchase. The website automatically reduces the inventory so you don't need to worry about buying an item after someone already "grabbed it" I usually also follow up the invoice with a Thank You email and ask you to send payment Personal/Cashier Check or USPS Money Order to this address: Tew's Armory 1443 Stone Jug Road Rome PA 18837 You can always send an email to if you have any questions. * I will pull the weapon from inventory and hold for 14-days awaiting payment. If payment does not arrive within that timeframe I will cancel the order and re-list the weapon. Please let me know if there are any issues - we can work with you but only if we know what the problem is. * We try hard to get it "right" but all companies have growing pains and people make mistakes.... what I hope we do to set us apart is work with you to "get it right". Thank You for your business Todd Tew