Taking the opportunity to spend some time with one of my "new" favorite rifles the SKS.

I know it sounds humorous coming from the guy that loves the "Evil Black Rifle" and wants to take every wood stock off the rifle and throw on rails and sights & scopes and all the extra's but guess what you can do that with an SKS as well.

I needed another project.... well not really but I decided to do this anyway...... AR-15's are great rifles but they tend to be expensive when you get into a nicely built out rifle. Our customers then like to look at the AK "family" but we have a hard time keeping them in stock, they are backordered and now prices on them have been climbing significantly.

So what rifle can we offer to our customers that has some of the versatility of an AK, fires the same caliber and is a simple weapon to maintain and use..... well that was easy = SKS.

So over the next few weeks we will be working on building our SKS stockpile.... buying local used SKS's, military surplus restorations as well as a few SKS's that need some serious TLC.

SKS's come in a variety of shapes and sizes from numerous different countries - stop over to the gun show and see what I have been working on….. The SKS catalog will be coming shortly as well.

Always wanted a modified SKS but worried about 922r compliance – come and say hello and let’s talk we can help you out with an SKS that I have already modified or just answer questions on your “build”.

We enjoy the opportunity here at Tew's Armory to resurrect some of these older SKS's, give them the attention they need and then sell a reliable affordable weapon to our customers.